Killers on Tour

This was written in 1975 … as an 18 year old long haired tan and – I don’t mind admitting – lithe surfer dude.  We had piled in to ‘Laxo’s’ old Ford Prefect van, five of us including Laxo; Barnsey, Dave, Pricey and me.  The van had broken down going over the Auckland Harbour Bridge … and we had to get out and push it over the hump.  From there it was relatively clear sailing from Auckland to Whangamata – which if I recall had a few decent beach breaks and a really nice right hander that peeled away from the river mouth.  Mind you … this is going back sometime and I was not the bravest of surfers by any means.

It is a pretty magical place, though and this was around New Year … hot, salty, bare feet on hot sticky tar… sand in your sleeping bag.  That sort of magic.

We weren’t that tight as a group – but there are moments when everything aligns … sometimes those moments are fleeting… minutes.  This was one of those … dusk, a day in the surf… hot pavements and … striding through the town.

Have you ever seen Richard Ashcroft’s clip for ‘Bittersweet Symphony’?

That’s it.

Here’s the poem

Killers on Tour      

On beaches we wait,
around bonfires we sit
the way young boys do.

Through dusty beach roads
we drive
hoping to quench our thirsts…

Along sidewalks,
past movie theatres we stride
with the confident lope of killers.

We will wait forever
if necessary,
we have waited in towns
like this before,

nothing can touch us here.

April 1975