Hi.  My name is Geoff and I’m a Melburnian on a particularly lucky streak.

I’ve been married 6 years (we are of course in year seven and my wife is now referring to an itch she says needs a good scratching) and I think I have found at last that balance of devotion and freedom, companionship and excitement …

It wasn’t always like this – and part of this is telling some of that story. For probably far too long I rushed headlong in to love and love making and  – as you know – that can make you soar and plummet with too little respite in between.  A game for youth as Sir Mick once sang …

Anyway, to the point.

I work in a large multi-national organisation and have done for the last twenty odd years.

It’s far far too stereotypical to say it is soulless.

But what it can do if you’re not careful is slowly add to the calcification.  I think I might be an artist.  Not necessarily a good or bad one.  But I am beginning to recognise that it is through art that one goes deep into the well spring that is the nourishment for … my soul ??  I’m worried that is too clichéd – but that is it.

It was a sense that no matter what else was going right, I was increasingly disconnected to a source of power, clarity … Austin Power’s mojo, but in a Dylan Thomas sort of way.  I’m guessing that may well be the first time those two have found themselves in a sentence together.

I’ve been reading a wonderful book called ‘Linch Pin’.  It is about many many things … one of those is the importance of doing what you love – and then shipping.  Getting it out there regardless.

So this is what I’m doing.  It’s 4.15 am and I was lying in bed with all this going through my head.   See, I had stopped writing years ago.  Actually that’s not quite true.  I can write great pieces of business analysis and that satisfies a lot of me.  But not the wellspring, and that is what I am now just beginning to realise; that I need to go back deep down in there.

This is a really good thing by the way.  I already have a wonderful life.  My partner, Isabel is a wonder.  I have raised two boys who now are both over six feet tall and embarking on their own journeys.   The love between us is growing stronger by the day as I learn to adjust what being a father to men not boys means.  And I have a young daughter who has been filled to the brim with life.  So it’s not as though something’s missing.  I just need to write, now, to make that final vital connection to … whatever it is that sparked us all in to life.

And this, my friends, is the beginning.  I’m starting with my poems in a rough chronological sequence.  (See – still some sort of project manager) … and let’s see how we go.

Peace brothers and sisters.


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